Services and products we provide

Wireline Africa has diversified its operations to focus on new areas that include:

0.1   Fire Suppression

Localised Fire Suppression & Mobile Fire Suppression which is currently T-Rotor Technologies, is the international current leader in fire suppression mist technology. 

0.2  Down Hole Geophysics

Our equipment is suitable for locating mineralization zones, defining geotechnical information for mine/pit planning purposes, lithological boundary identification and mapping and even stratigraphic information. 

0.3   Fiberglass

Wireline Africa’s Patagonian Division is a market leading manufacturer and supplier of fibreglass products to multiple industries and can be delivered anywhere in SA.


Wireline Africa slimline mineral logging is a new service company who can trace its heritage back to BPB, Reeves and most recent, Weatherford, who pioneered wireline logging for mineral exploration in the early 1970’s.

Services and products we provide