Who we are

Wireline Africa has diversified its operations to focus on new areas that include: 

• Downhole Geophysics • Fire Suppression Systems • Dust Suppression Systems • Fibreglass Products


About Wireline africa

Wireline Africa slimline mineral logging is a new service company who can trace its heritage back to BPB, Reeves
and most recent Weatherford, who pioneered wireline logging for mineral exploration in the early 1970’s.
Our equipment is suitable for locating mineralized zones, defining geo technical information for mine/pit
planning purposes, litho logical boundary identification and mapping and even stratigraphic information.
Our equipment has been specifically designed by physicists and scientists for application to all mineral fields
from unconventional Hydro-carbons such as CBM, Oil and Gas, to mineable resources such as Coal,
Base-metals, precious metals and heavy metals.

Work we have done

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Wireline Africa Limitada has over the last several years successfully grown its Mozambican Operations, establishing a strong permanent base from which we are able to deploy competent personnel to execute a variety of services successfully.

At present we have more than 120 employees in both South Africa and Mozambique, with another 40 – 50 positions being created, to be made available in the near future. The Company is growing steadily and sustainably both locally as well as Africa: new doors are being opened with new and exciting opportunities on the horizon!

Ours is a culture of efficacy and perfection. We strive daily to improve our processes and service delivery, learning from our experience to better our future. Our management Team is supported by competent specialists who excel in their various fields, making Wireline Africa truly the Feasible Choice!


WLA Basic Tool Suits

DUM Dummy tool to check hole
integrity (if necessary)
• GC2 Three arm calliper / gamma / temp
• DD6 Dual compensated density / Gamma
• NN2 Dual compensated neutron / Gamma
• VO4 Borehole deviation
• RR5 Dual Focused Electric Resistivity
• FWS Full x4 Waveform Sonic
• ATV Acoustic televiewer
• OTV Optical Televiewer
• FLO Flowmeter
• FT4 Fluid conductivity
• MSUS Magnetic susceptibility
• DD2 Duel density (Specialized horizontal tool)
• GYR Gyroscope deviation sonde
• DIP Formation 3 arm & 4 arm Dipmeter