Extinguish class A,B and C Fires type of fire with minimal collateral damage


• Directional control of stream allows for fire extinguishing from any angle.

• Increased safety for system operators as compared to other technologies.

• Nozzle creates a mist “halo” that protects fire fighter/system operator from radiated heat and smoke. Stream can be used to protect trapped victims from flames, heat and smoke.

• A totally sustainable technology: Completely safe for people, property and the environment.

• The key Extinguishing Agent is WATER or WATER with Telesolv Foaming Agent.


• T-Rotor Technology System extinguishes live electrical equipment with no risk of electrocution to firefighters.

• T-Rotor Technology Mist causes no thermal shock to equipment. This means there’s no risk of damage to ceramic or other sensitive and costly elements.

• T-Rotor Technology Systems (as opposed to other mist systems) can be used to protect equipment such as turbines located in large, high ceilinged hangars and hall small amounts.



High fire fighting effectiveness

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Only about 5% of water directed at the fire effectively applies to extinguishing the fire. The remaining 95% floods the surroundings, causing post-fire damages. Mist, thanks to a vast evaporation surface, depending on the dispersion degree, evaporates in the fire at 100%.

Extra safety for people - screening

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The mist, thanks to a big total surface of the cross-section of water drops creates a perfect barrier for thermal radiation, being thus an effective protection against fire.


Post-fire damage reduction

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About 80% of damages resulting from a fire are not caused directly by the flames, but by the extinguishing action: flooding with water, contamination with foam or active chemical extinguishing powder. Since the mist with an appropriate (high) degree of dispersion fully evaporates in the fire environment, it causes no damage.


Low water usage with mist of 100 microns

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The existing systems generate mist with drop sizes between 50 and 1,000 microns. With drop sizes below 100 microns, T-Rotor Technology use exponentially less water than conventional water jets.


Safe for people and environment

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When mist is used, people and the environment do not come into contact with any chemically active substances except a mist made of water or inorganic salt solutions. This allows the use of T-Rotor Technology system on or near people without any negative medical effects.

‘Safe and environmentally friendly’


Perfect screening characteristics of the mist are beneficial not only for firefighters, but also for other people involved in a fire. The mist with a high degree of dispersion allows protecting people against fire, smoke and thermal radiation.

T-Rotor Technology system protects against asphyxiation.

The mist contains air, thus the people it protects can breathe freely, at the same time avoid the risk of asphyxiation. Smoke very often poses a much bigger threat to people that the fire itself especially in case of fires inside buildings.

T-Rotor Technology system can extinguish fire on people.

Because the mist is an ideal neutral extinguishing means, it causes no irritation, or burns. The T-Rotor Technology mist can not only effectively protect people but also extinguish fire on them! The mist current generated by the T-Rotor Technology system is completely safe for people. Despite a high speed of the mist, there is no risk to people even in case of directing the jet to delicate, unprotected parts of the body.

T-Rotor Technology system protects against thermal radiation.

The mist generated by the T-Rotor Technology system is characterised by a high degree of dispersion and at the same time it provides a large screening surface. People protected by means of an effective mist barrier can survive even in close vicinity of a powerful fire.