Change that doesn’t cost the earth


Peace of Mind:

The I-CAT Fire Solutions’, TRT-LPS-FM, product range was designed to protect your valuable production and industry equipment such as transformers, hydraulic power packs, conveyor belts (high risk areas like tail, head and tensioner pulleys) and fuel storage tanks against fire. Operating in extreme working conditions and confined spaces, one ofthe biggest risks to both man and machine is fires. They occur when least expected, and can cause major damage to equipment, resulting in production losses and most importantly, can result in human fatalities.

TRT-LPS-FM Fire Systems are designed to offer a unique, effective and superior protection system to give you peace of mind.

The TRT-LPS-FM System makes use of T-Totor Technology

This technology is currently the leading misting technology internationally. Extinguishing all classes of fires by using Foam Mist as the agent. The system creates a fine atomised mist, charged with kinetic energy to penetrate the heat radiation caused by a fire. It does gradual cooling without causing thermal shock to the equipment. 0.5% Telesolv AFFF “GREEN” foaming agent is added to the system to prevent any B class fire from spreading when fuel lines or hydraulic lines rupture, causing equipment fires.

I-Protect Heat Sensitive, Linear Detection Tubing:

Pneumatic, detection tubing is available in activation temperature ranges of 80 -110 oC and 150-180 oC. When used in conjunction with I-CAT Localised Protection Systems, it offers a highly reliable detection and system activation methodology.

System Objectives:

Effective fire detection

Effective fire suppression

Equipment protection

Reducing down-time and clean up after and activation

Considering the environment with system activation

Easy installation and operation

Cost effectiveness

Ease and speed of system recharge

LPS System Range:

16l Foam or Water Mist

25l Foam or Water Mist

50l Foam or Water Mist

130l Foam or Water Mist

230l Foam or Water Mist

System Nozzle and “blow-off” cap

I-CAT Localised Protection Systems can also be charged with water to fit specific
operational requirements

Use and Benefits

The TRT-LPS-FM system is designed to improve and save on maintenance costs. Once a system has been activated, it will require a foaming agent refill, antibacterial tablet, detection tubing repair and system pressurization with nitrogen. All systems can be pressure tested on site and put back into service within minutes.

Maintenance Intervals:

All TRT-LPS-FM systems have a service interval of 6 months or 1000 hours as stipulated by NFPA17a.

Perfect to protect the following:

• Conveyor belts (tail pulley, head, tensioner)

• Transformers

• Hydraulic packs

• Fuel storage tanks

• Substations

• Oven Burners

• Wind Turbines

• Pump parts

• Lube Rooms

• Compressors

• Generators

• Electric motors and more