Blaze Buster

I-CAT Fire Solutions’ is a rapid response self-contained foam mist system. Its BLAZE BUSTER large Foam Mist canon gives the unit a discharge range of approximately 30 meters and the retractable mist hose reel is fitted with an additional gun that can be used simultaneously with the canon enabling two fire fighters combating a fire at the same time.

The BLAZE BUSTER consists of 4 x 230 liter self-contained and pre-mixed foam cylinders, that can be compared to the extinguishing capability of a 20 000 liter fire engine. No diesel motor, pumps or any external water supply is required.


The BLAZE BUSTER Foam Unit does not require any startup time and is ready for BLAZE BUSTER extinguishing immediately and on demand. The BLAZE BUSTER weighs less than 1 tonne and can be fitted to a single or club/super cab pickup or trailer.